We’ve been in the house so long, even the dogs are getting into the baking spirit!

Today I was very pleased to get this lovely video in my inbasket. I have Devin’s permission to post it on the blog and thought it was too cute not to share.

Huey Lewis and Devin make soft pretzels.

Both Huey Lewis and Devin are our neighbours. I have heard lots about Huey Lewis but I have not yet met him. I have met his bigger brother Walt, who loves to play with our labs Ingrid and Nelson. It turns out that Huey Lewis is a great narrator, knows a good pretzel technique and could have a powerful YouTube career if he decides that’s what he wants in life. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy his pretzels! Thanks for sending it to me Devin! Thanks for demonstrating a great way to make pretzels, Huey Lewis!

~ Victoria Sweet


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