Welcome to Victoria Sweet!

This site is a baking site with a difference.  It is dedicated to those foodies who love, love, love to eat, and have a sweet tooth, but also have an interest in learning about nutrition.  Keep tuned to this space to hear what brought me to writing this blog and to see featured recipes and discussions about current nutrition trends.

I am primarily an amateur baker but am also a registered dietitian.  I have spent the last 25 years of my professional life working in Canadian Armed Forces kitchens, which fuelled my love of upscale food production and extraordinary food presentation.  Most importantly, this meant that I was surrounded by a big group of people who wholeheartedly looked at food as their passion, and I learned that this is absolutely okay, a concept that I have struggled with in the earlier years of my life.

On this blog we will talk about balance in terms of food and health, and hopefully put to rest some of those demons some of us carry with respect to food.  On occasion I will be joined by my family as official taste testers and critics of both the information and the featured recipes and products.  My younger son is an apprentice cook so I hope that he will join me from time to time to profile the main entrees and sides he produces.  Please join us!