Canada’s Food Guide is out and it’s beautiful!

Check it out here – https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/

If. you haven’t already done so, click on the link to the newly released Canada’s Food Guide and see it in its splendour for yourself. I did that very thing this morning and was not disappointed. The full plate approach is quite striking and a good “measure of thumb” when you’re trying to decide how much of an item to have, say when you’re not in control of what might be going on your plate. One-quarter of my plate for grains and starches, stick to that and you’re in good territory. Fill up half of the plate with fresh fruit and vegetables, limit meat to a small portion, just like the grains, and don’t sweat measuring. Be careful of the ads around you, they are influencing you to eat more or differently. How much easier could it be?

And the future of sugar and fat, those rascals who are lovingly featured in the Victoria Sweet blog? They remain in the “for special occasion only” just like we’ve always said on this blog. Health Canada – you haven’t disappointed.

Stay with me over the coming days as we explore the disappearance of the dairy group and what that really means for those of us concerned about our nutrition, and get your baking pans warmed up, we will be practicing making beautifully decorated heart shaped cookies, to be enjoyed in limited quantities as part of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday!

Until next time, yours in balance, knowledge, and all things baked!



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