Fat Tony’s deep fried Mars Bar…it really is amazing!

Tonight I had occasion to visit a restaurant in my hometown of Pictou, Nova Scotia and experience something that I have wanted to experience for a long, long time – a deep fried Mars bar! I associate the deep fried Mars bar with the Ontario food truck scene so I was excited to hear that they were on a local NS restaurant menu. The NS restaurant in question was Fat Tony’s on Pictou’s waterfront, in beautiful coastal Nova Scotia Canada. I paired my deep fried Mars bar with a Maple Vodka coffee (I so know I have the name wrong on this coffee, which is unfortunate as I highly recommend it), so the night was particularly decadent, and one that I likely won’t be in any hurry to log into my MyFitness app! Oh well, Christmas comes but once a year….

By this time in my new career as a food blogger, I wanted to be well into a rich food blogging streak of an every-second-day blog describing homemade goodies made from my beautiful retirement home kitchen in Pictou, Nova Scotia, but the gods of weather, household power, and all things baking have dealt me yet another horrible and unexpected delay, another cruel twist of fate. A few weeks ago, Nova Scotia had a wind storm which knocked out the power in this neck of the woods, and when the power was restored a day or so later, a power surge knocked out my brand new double banked oven, plus a few other brand new appliances and many of our lightbulbs and wall sockets, so yet again, I find myself without a way to actually bake. So instead I will tell you all about the amazing deep fried Mars Bar as offered by Fat Tony’s in Pictou Nova Scotia.

Don’t count the grams of fat or the grams of sugar….just eat it!

This delectable dessert is entirely homemade at Fat Tony’s restaurant. I thought, reasonably, given the fact that they have a fairly expansive menu (they have great seafood options) that the desserts might be brought in prepared and ready to cook. So I asked our waiter whether the Mars bar was brought in frozen and then deep-fried and garnished. She confirmed that indeed the dessert was made entirely onsite, which in itself gives me a lot of confidence in the products provided by this restaurant. The dessert itself was outstanding! The Mars bar had melted to the just right stage (like it was lukewarm – milk chocolate, caramel and nougat intermingling – covered with a crispy coating, so decadent!). It was garnished with just enough vanilla ice cream, and a side of whipped cream, provided just in case I hadn’t eaten enough fat today. A drizzle of chocolate sauce completes the look and the experience. It’s a good thing I had missed supper! Yum!

When I was a child and young adult, the building that Fat Tony’s is in was a Stedman’s store, one of the red and white themed department stores that typified small town Nova Scotia of the 1970s and 1980s . I used to go into this store to pick up items that I might have forgotten when I was at a larger mall, or sometimes, when I was coming home from the upper Pictou County town of New Glasgow with my Mum, she would say, “let’s stop by Stedman’s and see what they have.” And I always agreed! I remember that they had a great craft section. I’ve always been an avid knitter. During one trip to Stedman’s I got sufficient yarn to make a fisherman’s knit sweater (quite appropriate considering Pictou is the fisher capital of the universe). More exciting to me was that there was a special on yarn that day and I got enough yarn to make a cardigan (which I still have by the way) for less than $10.

When you walk into Fat Tony’s there is no evidence of the old Stedman’s store. The ambiance is great, the dining area spacious, and the wait staff very friendly. The building has also had garage doors installed, to be opened to a patio enjoyed by days much warmer than today’s December weather. But as much as I rave, the highest compliment was paid to Fat Tony’s by my mother-in-law, who looked around at the setting and said, “This is something that you’d see in Halifax!” High praise indeed, and a great deep fried Mars bar! Thank you Fat Tony’s!


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