In search of the perfect butter tart

Happy weekend!

Today my dh and I will be hitting the streets of Kingston Ontario in search of the perfect butter tart.  Stay tuned to this space to see what we’ve found!  Yummmm!

Update – well, we had the intention of searching out the perfect butter tart, but unfortunately we are now lightweights with respect to the butter tart.  We cannot eat like we could in our youth and this makes me just a bit sad!

We found the first place closed (Gramma’s House Bakery and Cafe on Division Street Kingston closes at 3 pm on Saturdays, and we arrived at 3:05 sadly). We did manage to get to the second spot on our tour (Bread and Butter Bakery, http://www.breadandbutter.ca) and promptly bought ourselves two butter tarts – one plain and one pecan.  They were spectacular!  The only issue that I had with them was that the crust was a little thick for my liking but dh disagreed with me, vehemently.  So, they were an A pass in terms of butter tart achievement.  They were so good that we were “butter tart satisfied” for the day, we just couldn’t face another sugar rush.  In the next week or so, we will visit a few more well known Kingston spots and report on our findings as soon as our blood sugar levels settle out (kidding, but I thought it was funny).

On the home front, when I make butter tarts, I shamelessly go online and use the following recipe – Canadian Living

My absolute favourite version of this recipe is the one with maple syrup.  I roll my pastry very thin (hence my complaint about today’s butter tart venture), and I place roasted pecans on the pastry before I add the butter tart filling and bake the tart. Do not over bake!  The best butter tarts are gooey in the middle and that is impossible if you leave them in the oven too long.

This blog will change as we try out more of Kingston’s butter tart destinations so stay tuned!  And don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Yours in all things sweet, and all things nutritious!


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